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6 Amazing Caravan Storage Ideas

6 Amazing Caravan Storage Ideas

6 Amazing Caravan Storage Ideas

We know that being out on the road with a messy caravan is the worst. So, let us show you some awesome storage tips that will help you keep your caravan neat and tidy. As well as keeping your caravan neat and tidy, these tips will also help you stay safe while travelling by minimising movement in the back of your caravan as you head off on all of your adventures.

1: Pots and pans that stack in your kitchen

Pots and pans can and will take up a lot of space unless you find some that are stackable. There are a lot out there that you can choose from, and plenty of sizes available that will suit your needs.

You aren’t going to have any more excuses about not being able to cook in your kitchen now – Spag bol and pumpkin soup have never been easier with a set of pots and pans like these:

Stackable pots and pans:

2. Velcro things to the walls around your caravan

Utilising velcro around your caravan will not only keep things in place but will also help you to remember where you left your things.

Think about velcroing remote controls, iPods/iPads, torches and any other small things that might get thrown around in your caravan as you drive. Such a simple solution to such an annoying issue – this is honestly worth implementing into your house, too!

Simple and easy velcro:

3. Collapsible things are the best thing ever

Collapsible tubs for laundry, washing up and food storage are great for storage themselves when not in use. They can provide a large area when in use so you can store all of your essentials, however, when folded down they take up no room at all.

Whether you keep them popped open to store your things, or folded down to make space for other bits and bobs, collapsible tubs are a great storage hack for your caravan!

A great option:—6.8-litre/551663.html

4. Using things that aren’t usually used for storage as storage

Your trusty microwave – When you’re not popping a bag of popcorn, your microwave can be doubled as caravan storage for bread, eggs, and various other pantry items that you might use on a daily basis. Just make sure it’s turned off, first!

That big oven – If you’re living in your caravan, it’s unlikely you’re using your oven every single day, and storage is of the essence. So, when you’re not cooking a delicious Sunday roast, consider storing your chopping boards, pots and pans and small boxes in there! But hey, make sure it has cooled down before you put anything in there!

5. Use vacuum seal bags to store clothing and bedding

Using vacuum bags for your clothing and spare bedding is something that can really make up for lost space. It not only keeps your clothes nice and safe from pesky animals, but it also saves a lot of space in your caravan.

Cheap but decent vacuum bags:

6. If you are a wine drinker, use boxes of wine instead of bottles

We know there are a lot of wine drinkers out there and you may already know this little trick, we promise we aren’t just supporting your love of a glass or two – we are definitely just trying to save you space.

Using boxes to keep your wine safe and stored is way better than having your bottle rolling around everywhere.

Cardboard wine boxes, even custom ones:

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