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Do it yourself caravan fixes

Do it yourself caravan fixes

Lots can happen on the road, and off the road as well. You are just as likely to suffer damages to your vehicle by leaving it unattended or extended periods of time as you are by taking it through difficult road situations. It’s best to plan ahead for your trips and ensure you have easy access to the contacts of the nearest caravan repair shops on your route. But not every situation calls for professional repairs, there are plenty of at-home fixes for common caravan problems, and here they are;

Dull or broken lighting

Over time you may notice that some of the lights in your caravan begin to flicker, fade or stop working altogether. In most cases or early on, you likely just need a replacement bulb to get that factory new glow back. Newer models will have LEDs, offering longer bulb life but replacement means the whole light, not just a globe. If all the lights in your caravan are failing, you may have a dead or dying battery problem, plan ahead by having a backup battery at home or in your emergency repair kit.

If none of these fixes work, it may be down to a wiring problem, and we recommend consulting a repair shop or electrician as electrical repair is very high-risk work.

Small scratches or dents

As you spend more time using your Caravan, the chances of mild damage caused by road conditions, weather or prolonged exposure grows. The best way to prevent minor external damage to your caravan is by being proactive, by applying products like ceramic coating you can lessen the collective damage done by the elements.

Most minor damage poses no risk, if you don’t mind a bit of wear and tear it’s nothing to worry about. Unless the damage is near critical systems or important safety features. If you see damage like cracks grow, you should visit your nearest repair shop.

Leaks and faulty seals

Interior leaks, especially with your shower or toilet, if left unattended can cause more major internal damage. Gaps in window sealant can also lead to damage from rain or wind exposure in your caravan. Be sure to run regular checks on all sealants and plumbing in your caravan.

Be sure to stock up on waterproof sealant (or material-specific sealants and repair kits should you have an older model) in your emergency repair kit, do not rely on it as a long term measure as sealant gaps will grow over time no matter what.

Of course, you can take your caravan in for repairs for any situation, these methods work if you are stretched for time or money. As always, stay safe, if you have any questions find us on socials @caravanarc or explore our website for more service information.

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